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Mission Statement: Adams & Seaton Pediatric Dentistry strives to be the most trusted pediatric dentists for quality care in Nashville. Our team of dental professionals is committed to providing a gentle and friendly atmosphere to every child and parent. We continue to build lasting relationships in our community through the honest, conservative, and personalized treatment we provide.

Why – Everything we do is to improve the lives around us by making people smile.
How – The way we do this is by exceeding expectations in a honest and caring environment full of fun and laughter.
What – We just happen to be an awesome pediatric dental practice!

Our Founder

pediatric dentists nashville

Dr. George Adams, Sr. began practicing as a Nashville pediatric dentist in 1977 after completing his residency at Indiana University School of Dentistry. From the first day that he opened his doors, Dr. Adams, Sr. was committed to treating each patient like his own children.

Through his years in practice, Dr. Adams, Sr. remained actively engaged in continually learning modern dental techniques and how to more safely treat each patient. Through his 39 years in practice, Dr. Adams, Sr. was instrumental in writing the sedation guidelines in the state of TN, served as a pediatric consultant to the Tennessee Board of Dentistry and the Tennessee Dental Association Sedation Committee, and spent countless hours working on committees to protect the access to dental care for children.

The Second Generation of Pediatric Dental Care

dr george adams pediatric dentist nashville

In 2001, Dr. George Adams, Jr. completed his pediatric dental residency as the Chief Resident at the University of Kentucky, and joined his father in the family business. Combining his many years of helping around the pediatric dental office in his youth, with the technical skills acquired from his advanced schooling, Dr. Adams, Jr. partnered with his father to promote dental hygiene to the children of Nashville, TN.

The father and son team spent 15 years practicing as pediatric dentists in Nashville side-by-side. As of May 5, 2016 Dr. George Adams, Sr. retired from practicing pediatric dentistry, but remains involved in the community as a consultant and instructor for Interfaith Dental Clinic.

Dr. Adams, Jr. purchased the dental practice from his father in 2015 and continues to build the practice on the principles that made the practice a trustworthy name in Nashville for over 39 years.

Dr. Ryan Seaton Joins the Team

ryan seaton pediatric dentist nashville

To help fill the void of Dr. Adams, Sr.’s retirement, Dr. Ryan Seaton was the natural fit for the practice. Having been inspired by Dr. Adams, Sr. to enter pediatric dentistry, and wanting to raise his family in Nashville, Dr. Seaton happily accepted a position within the Adams Pediatric Dentistry team.

Pediatric Dentists Treating Every Child Like Their Own

Dr. Adams, Jr and Dr. Seaton are widely considered two of the top pediatric dentists Nashville has to offer and they look forward to treating every child like their own for years to come. Every time they evaluate a patient, they keep one question in mind, “What would I do for my own child?”

This simple question drives their conservative and effective treatment of each child, and allows them to treat every patient and parent, the way we would want to be treated. They also like to have a lot of fun, so your child is sure to enjoy the gentle and friendly environment.

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