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Are you Prepared for a Pediatric Dental Emergency?

At Adams & Seaton Pediatric Dentistry in Nashville, TN we sometimes see dental emergencies. Kids are kids, and because kids are active there will inevitably be bumps and bruises from time-to-time. Sometimes those bumps and bruises can be a broken tooth or biting through a lip. Other times it can be more serious.

A Pediatric Dental Emergency Defined

If we define “pediatric dental emergency” as anything involving the teeth and mouth, this could include any of the following:

  • abscessed tooth
  • broken tooth
  • knocked-out tooth
  • a bite through the lip
  • a blow to the mouth that wounds the mouth or loosens teeth
  • an object caught in the teeth
  • broken jaw

Not all “dental emergencies” require a dentist, such as a broken jaw or an injury to the lip that requires stitches. You should see a medical doctor in the emergency room for these. But for anything directly associated with the health of a tooth, you should consult with a dentist.

First, Don’t Panic

Traumas to the mouth often bleed – A LOT! This might cause you to panic initially, but blood is not necessarily a reason to worry. Often the blood and pain from the trauma subside in 3 – 5 minutes. Most of the time, you simply need to give us a call to see what the next steps should be. Our staff is trained to ask you the right questions. So we can determine if you need to come in right away. However, in many cases, we need to wait for the mouth to calm down from the trauma before we can treat.

We Are Here for You

Rest assured that Dr. Adams and Dr. Seaton and their team will care for your child as if they are treating their own. This is just one reason that we are one of the most pediatric dentists in Nashville – and have been for over 42 years.

And don’t worry if your emergency happens after hours. We are always available by phone in the event of an emergency even after hours. After hours, the recorded message tells you the name and number of the doctor on call. You can call the doctor and find out exactly what you should do for your current emergency or if you need to come into the office immediately.

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