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A Child with Dental Problems – What to Look For

Very young children may not be able to tell you what they’re feeling if they are having issues with their teeth. As a parent, you can watch for certain signs to spot a child with dental problems. In this blog, we discuss some of the signs to look for.

Some obvious things to look for are persistent bad breath and discoloration of a tooth or dark pits on a tooth. Other signs may not be so obvious.

Loss of Appetite or Food Aversions

Child with Dental ProblemsOne very clear sign that your child may have a dental problem is shying away from or crying when offered a favorite food or drink. A damaged tooth can be sensitive to hot or cold foods.

Frequently Waking Up from Sleep

If you child is frequently waking up at night or even during daily naps, the cause may be a toothache. Additionally, take notice if a child is favoring sleeping in the same position all the time. A toothache can make it uncomfortable to sleep on the side where the tooth is hurting.

Gum Swelling

If your child’s gums become dark red and swollen, it can signal a tooth infection. It also could be bacterial or fungal infections of the gum tissue itself. Because teeth are connected to the jaws and neck, an infection in one or more teeth can lead to swelling and redness in the jaw and neck as well.

If You Have a Child with Dental Problems, Reach Out to Adams and Seaton Pediatric Dentistry

Our dentists and staff are specially trained to work with children. Oral infections are serious dental problems that should be handled right away. So if you suspect there is a problem, please reach out to us and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.