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Dental Care For Special Needs Children

Unfortunately, children with special needs and disabilities usually develop more dental problems than children in their age group. So dental care for special needs children is very important.

Unique Problems For Children With Special Needs

A pediatric dentist can help special needs children with their dental needs. There are special dental challenges for these children. For example, if a child is not able to brush and floss correctly, gum diseases are more prevalent. Additionally, if a child is on medications with a high-sugar content, he or she is more likely to develop cavities as well as gum disease.

Choosing the Right Dentist

pediatric dentists special needs children nashville tnAdditional training that pediatric dentists receive allows them to address special needs. So, pediatric dentists know how to ease anxiety in special needs children and make them comfortable. Many pediatric dentists use these methods to allay a child’s anxiety or discomfort:

  • Visit the dentist for a trial run, sit in the dental chair, and look at the instruments
  • Allow extra time for appointments so the atmosphere is
  • Encourage parents to remain in the room
  • Allow a child to bring a favorite toy or security blanket.
  • Play soothing music
  • Let children watch a video on TV during their appointment

Adams and Seaton Provides Dental Care for Special Needs Children

If you have a child with special needs, before your first visit, please call us. You can talk with one of our dental assistants to discuss your child’s special needs and sensitivities. This will give us time to assess how to proceed with your child’s care.
At Adams and Seaton, we are one of the most trust pediatric dentists Nashville has to offer and we have several options for special needs. Of course, we may be able to meet all the needs during a regular appointment. But we also can give oral sedation in our offices when needed. And we also can treat patients under general anesthesia in the hospital. Call us for more information.