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The Benefits of Early Childhood Dental Visits

pediatric dentist nashville tn kids dentistsMost parents think their children need to have a mouth full of teeth before they take them to the dentist, but this is not true. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child visit as soon as the first tooth appears or, at least, before his first birthday. We at Adams and Seaton Pediatric Dentistry are one of the endorse the benefits of early childhood dental visits.

Erase the Fear Early

Many people, young and old, fear the dentist. Starting visits at an early age can help erase those fears. The obvious reason is that children get use to the office and dentist. Familiarity leads to comfort.

Two ways that pediatric dentists try to make early visits more comfortable include:

  • Creating a fun atmosphere in the office by including toys and games that will take children’s minds off the visit and help them feel comfortable.
  • Allowing children to watch TV during the treatment.

Early Childhood Dental Visits Are Preventative

Dentists not only help parents realize the benefits of good oral hygiene, but they can detect dental problems early.  These are problems a dentist will look for:

  • Cavities in baby teeth. Baby teeth are more likely to develop cavities than adult teeth. Regular visits will detect problems early, preventing tooth and gum problems.
  • Missing teeth or bite problems.
  • Back teeth decay. Sealants may need to be applied to act as a shield for the back teeth. These teeth are often susceptible to germs and food remaining in the grooves.
  • Teeth grinding.

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