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How Can I Help My Child With Dental Anxiety?

We at Adams and Seaton Pediatric Dentistry have been specializing in pediatric dentistry in Nashville since 1977. Many parents want to know the answer to the question how can I help my child with dental anxiety? In this most recent blog post you will find information and tips on managing dental anxiety in children.

Signs of Dental Anxiety in Your Child

Look for these signs of dental anxiety in a child on or near the day of the dental appointment:

  • complaining of a stomach ache
  • crying and begging not to go to the dentist
  • temper tamtrums

Tips for Preventing Dental Anxiety in Children

There are ways to prevent dental anxiety in your child. And you as a parent can help.

dental anxiety children pediatric dentist nashvilleYou can help prevent your child from being afraid of the dentist by:

  • Making it fun. Allow them to take a special toy with them to help them remain calm. You might reward them after the visit to reinforce that this was a positive experience.
  • Setting a good example. Do not let your child see that you yourself fear a visit to the dentist.
  • Speak positively about your own dentist visits. This helps children see that it is a visit they can look forward to.
  • Allowing your child to tour the dentist’s office. Do this before the first visit.
  • Establishing a routine. Take your child for regular check-ups. When you were a child, you probably only went to the dentist when there was a problem. This increased your fear of the dentist because you were always hurting when you went. A regular schedule will help a child see that a trip to the dentist doesn’t mean something is wrong.
  • Having fun with dental care at home. Allow them to choose a favorite toothbrush and toothpaste. Brush and floss together.
  • Understanding their fear. Talk with them if they appear anxious and address their specific fears.

What to Do When Dental Anxiety in Your Child is Overwhelming

At Adams and Seaton, we realize that some anxiety is too great for your child to overcome. We have solutions. Learn more about our oral sedation pediatric dentistry services.