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Nashville Pediatric Dentists Discuss Impacted Teeth

As your child begins to lose baby teeth and get permanent teeth, be sure to watch for signs of impacted teeth. An impacted tooth is a tooth that does not erupt; it remains embedded in the jawbone or gum. An impacted tooth may not be painful. But if you notice your child complains of mouth pain or has red or swollen gums, you should call a pediatric dentist.

impacted teeth

Problems Associated with Impacted Teeth

If an impacted tooth partially emerges, it can become infected and swollen because it traps food. Pain can result in the tooth, in neighboring teeth, or in your child’s ear. Additionally, an impacted tooth can get a cavity or damage the roots of neighboring teeth, especially if it is growing in the wrong direction.

What Causes Impacted Teeth?

Sometimes a tooth cannot erupt because there is not enough room in the jawbone for the tooth. But for some children, it just happens. Genetics can play a role. So, if you as a parent had an impacted tooth, your child may experience the same problem. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop a tooth from becoming impacted.

Fixing an Impacted Tooth

The procedure can be relatively simple or complicated, depending on the extent of the problem.

  • It may be that extracting the baby tooth is all that is needed.
  • If the jaw is too narrow, it may be necessary to expand the jaw.
  • Other, more complicated problems might require oral surgery or orthodontic treatment.

Turn to the Pediatric Dentists at Adams and Seaton

Dr. Adams and Dr. Seaton are two of the most trusted pediatric dentists Nashville has to offer. If you suspect a tooth is impacted, bring your child in as soon as possible. A checkup and x-rays can diagnose subtle problems even while the baby teeth are still present.