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Pediatric Dentist in Nashville TN | How To Help Your Child Enjoy Their Favorite Foods Safely

Pediatric Dentist in Nashville TN | How To Help Your Child Enjoy Their Favorite Foods SafelyTo grow big and strong, kids need to eat plenty of great food. It also helps if they enjoy the food they’re eating. Sometimes however, the foods that your child loves most can be detrimental to their oral health.

Sour candy, carbonated drinks, potato chips, bread, and even corn on the cob can cause damage. However, your child doesn’t have to stop eating these foods altogether just to preserve their oral health.


Instead, help them enjoy their favorites safely with these helpful tips from Adams & Seaton Pediatric Dentistry.



Bigger may be better in some cases, but it’s not always the case for your child’s favorite foods. While they may enjoy eating an entire bag of candy in one sitting, their oral health will suffer. Rather than cutting them off completely, make sure your child understands why some foods are better than others and help them maintain a balanced diet. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a treat every now and then, if your child sticks to a healthier diet, their teeth will thank them later in the form of a beautiful, healthy smile.


Safety Measures

There are some foods that seem healthy but could potentially cause damage to teeth. For example, chewing on ice can seem like a harmless habit, but can chip or otherwise damage teeth accidently. Even a wrong bite of corn on the cob can damage oral health in a similar way.


To protect teeth and gums, consider having your child suck on ice, or better yet, drink ice water. Stripping corn off the cob can protect teeth too.


Practice Good Hygiene

If your child does partake in candy, chips, and other similar treats in moderation, we support them. However, these foods can easily get caught in between teeth, causing the buildup of plaque, leading to tooth decay.


Make sure you help protect against the negative effects these foods can have by encouraging your kid to brush and floss right after they enjoy. Additionally, having regular appointments with our office can help ensure that your child maintains their oral health throughout their life.


Your child shouldn’t have to give up all the amazing foods they want to enjoy just to preserve their smile. With these tips, and the help of our team’s amazing pediatric dentistry, they won’t have to. Thanks for reading. If you need to schedule your next appointment with us, you can do so by calling our office at (615) 297-7597.


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