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The Top Pediatric Dentists in Nashville Explain Teeth Grinding

As two of the top pediatric dentists in Nashville, Dr. Adams and Dr. Seaton frequently see the problem of teeth grinding in their young patients. Many of these children have no idea they are grinding their teeth, but, in fact, three out of ten kids grind or clinch their teeth. Regular trips to the dentist can identify this habit before it damages the teeth.

Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

Since most children aren’t aware of their teeth grinding, you as parents must look for the following symptoms:

  • the noise of teeth grinding when they sleep
  • chipped or worn down teeth
  • complaints about a sore or aching jaw
  • pain when chewing
  • headaches

Causes of Teeth Grinding

Most children will outgrow this habit, but consider the following reasons why they might be grinding their teeth:

  • Their teeth aren’t aligned correctly.
  • They are experiencing pain from an ear ache or teething.
  • They may be stressed from a change in routine or an argument with someone in their family.
  • They may have other medical issues or side effects from medicines.

Help for Teeth Grinding

Both dentists and parents can help treat the grinding of teeth. A dentist can help a child by preparing a molded guard for the child to wear at night. Parents can help in these ways:

  • Make sure their child is relaxed before bedtime.
  • Find out if there is anything upsetting your child. They could be worried about moving, being away from home the first time, or a change in family dynamics.

Call the Top Pediatric Dentists in Nashville If You Are Concerned

At Adams and Seaton Pediatric Dentistry, we are skilled in dealing with teeth grinding.  If your child has this problem, or if your child has any other dental problems, please call us for an appointment.