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Dentist In Nashville | The Importance of Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Dentist In Green Hills | The Importance of Your Child’s First Dental AppointmentAt Adams & Seaton Pediatric Dentistry, we understand just how important your child’s first dental appointment is. More often than not, that first appointment can determine your child’s lifelong feelings toward dentistry, making it very important that all goes as well as possible.

Here are just a few of the methods we use to help create an amazing experience for both you and your child.


1.) Time is of the Essence

Our team values timeliness. That’s why we schedule our appointments and do everything we can to stick to that schedule. However, we need your help to do so and ensure a positive experience.

If your child arrives a little late to their appointment, they may feel rushed before having time to get acclimated to our office. On the other hand, if your child spends a little too much time in our office before their appointment begins, they may become restless and anxious when it comes time to meet Dr. Adams and Dr. Seaton. By working together to stay on time for your scheduled appointments, we are confident you and your child will have fun at every visit.


2.) Engaged, but Not Overstimulated

At Adams & Seaton, we enjoy teaching your child about dentistry in a fun, but calm environment. By keeping them informed and treating them with respect, we help your child remain confident in their dental care throughout their time with us. We know that if your child is too distracted by loud noises or other stimuli, we won’t be able to give them as good of an experience as we know we are capable of delivering.


3.) Keep Them Comfortable

We also make sure that your child remains comfortable throughout their visit. Nothing is worse than having to be uncomfortable in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. We provide gentle, compassionate care to all our patients, making sure they remain happy and at ease throughout their time here.

4.) Have Fun With It All

If there’s one thing kids know how to do, it’s how to have fun. We happen to think we’re pretty good at it ourselves. Dr. Adams, Dr. Seaton, and our team are always smiling and laughing around the office, working hard to make sure your child has a good time. In fact, your child may have so much fun that they leave our office wanting to become a dentist when they grow up.

Adams & Seaton Pediatric Dentistry is known as the place where kids smile because of our commitment to a great patient experience and attention to detail. You can schedule an appointment online by clicking the button on the right side of our banner, or you can give us a call at (615) 297-7597. We look forward to giving your child their first amazing dental experience in a long line of future dental appointments.

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