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Pediatric Dentist in Nashville | Experts in Pediatric Dentistry for Over 40 YearsYou may not have known that pediatric dentists need to be experts in at least two things. The first is, of course, providing great dental care to kids. The second expertise required however, is on how to have fun. Yes, at Adams & Seaton Pediatric Dentistry our degree in dentistry is just as important to us as our unofficial degree in all things fun. Why? Because good oral hygiene becomes much easier for you and your child when it is an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

As a result, we dedicate a lot of time and energy to making sure your kids have a great dental experience. We also want to help make sure that your child’s love for dentistry continues outside of our office. Here, we’ll give you some of our favorite tips on how to make dental care fun for you and your child at home.

Let your child choose their tools of the trade

Let’s face it, brushing can be a lot more exciting with a cool superhero toothbrush and fun flavored toothpaste.

Kids love the grown up feeling of making decisions for themselves. Allowing them to make their own dental care choices (within reason) is a great way of helping your child feel independent and important.

Not only will they feel as if they have a say in their dental care, but they’ll also be able to have some fun and feel good while they keep their teeth both healthy and beautiful.

Have a brushing party together

From silly faces to dance parties, brushing time can be an opportunity to have fun with your child. Incorporating a designated time when the whole family brushes their teeth together can make those two minutes go by fast and be yet another experience that brings your family closer together. It may seem silly to think that a “normal” dental routine could be this important, but we ask that you give it a chance. You can thank us later.

Consider implementing a reward system

If your child has a “show me the money” attitude, we have a solution for that too. A lot of parents implement a system that rewards kids for sticking to their brushing habits. For example, if your child is able to brush their teeth two times a day, every day for a designated period of time, you may consider going out for ice cream, or seeing a new movie. Whatever reward you choose, it may be a great way to ingrain a lifetime of fantastic oral hygiene.

We hope these tips can help your child keep their smile bright and healthy, but they won’t be able to do the job alone. Make sure that your child knows that their regularly scheduled dental appointments are just as important, and just as fun, as their own brushing and flossing habits. You can visit us online or call us at (615) 297-7597 to schedule your next appointment and get more tips on all things related to pediatric dentistry from our team. We look forward to smiling with you.

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