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Pediatric Dentist in Nashville, TN
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The Heart of Green Hills Pediatric Dentistry

Providing the best Green Hills pediatric dentistry available is at the heart of Adams & Seaton Pediatric Dentistry. You can’t walk into the offices of Adams & Seaton Pediatric Dentistry without knowing immediately that this is a place where everyone has a true heart for children.

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That heart started beating in 1977 when George Adams, Sr. began his practice in Nashville. And we’ve been blessed to provide pediatric dentistry to children and families in Green Hills and the surrounding communities for over 40 years.

Spreading the Word About Pediatric Dentistry in Green Hills

Dr. Adams and Dr. Seaton have an office that is a gentle, caring environment full of fun and laughter. Their focus is on having a meaningful impact in the life of every patient they see.

But this is not enough for Dr. Adams and Dr. Seaton. They have an ardent commitment to all the children of the Green Hills and surrounding communities, and they reach out to as many of them as they can. Through donations, sponsorships, and personal visits, we support many of the schools in the Green Hills and Belle Meade area, including:

  • Oakhill Elementary
  • Julia Green Elementary
  • St. Matthew’s School
  • St. Henry’s School
  • The Covenant School
  • St. George’s Kindergarten
  • Calvary Young Children’s School

Reaching Beyond Green Hills Pediatric Dentistry

Caring for and educating the children who come to them as patients and the children that they support in Green Hills is still not enough for Dr. Adams and Dr. Seaton. Dr. Adams and Dr. Seaton both support the efforts of Interfaith Dental Clinic right here in Nashville. Dr. Adams is also passionate about serving the people of Haiti, where he leads yearly dental mission trips. Dr. Seaton travels annually to participate in international mission trips to Guatemala, Honduras, and Jamaica. Their hearts for children are truly overflowing.

Join Our Family

If you are searching for a pediatric dentist in Green Hills or Belle Meade, we would love to have you join our family.  We specialize in oral sedation dentistry, preventive care and hospital dental care. For additional information or to schedule an appointment please call (615) 297-7597. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your children.

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